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Quality Highland BeefFlathead Farms is a proud member of the American Highland Cattle Association’s Quality Highland Beef (QHB) program and subscribes to its guidelines. When you buy beef or breeding stock from Flathead Farms, you can be assured that the cattle are raised according to these principles (taken from the AHCA):

  1. The animals are at least 50% Highland steers, heifers, or bulls.
  2. The animals have been raised and handled in a humane manner. (When an animal is under stress, the meat is affected.)
  3. No added hormones, anabolic steroids or sub-therapeutic feed antibiotics have been applied/fed to the animal.
  4. The animals will be slaughtered between 14 and 36 months of age, except bulls, whose maximum age is 24 months.
  5. The minimum live weight requirement is 900 pounds and minimum carcass weight is 450 pounds.
  6. The carcasses will hang a minimum of 14 days, depending upon back fat.
  7. Finishing during the final 90 days should be such that each animal gains 1.5 pounds per day.

These guidelines ensure that the beef is of the highest quality attainable for leanness and low cholesterol. Second, being raised humanely, finished slowly on natural pastures, and slaughtered humanely, the animals are never stressed, so the quality of the meat remains high. Third, besides the items mentioned in guideline #3, no animal proteins are ever fed to these cattle.

About Beef Sides

Flathead Farms Quality Highland and Angus Beef Sides are sold in quarters, halves and wholes.

A “standard” quarter will have a typical hanging weight of approximately 150 to 200 lbs. at time of slaughter. The manner in which the side is processed will have an impact on the final weight, but net processed weight is generally about 65% of the hanging weight. Buyer pays for processing at pickup at Lower Valley Processing.

Typical Quarter of Beef

Hanging weight is usually about 150 to 200 lbs.

Steak 20-25 lbs
Roasts 15-20 lbs
Cubed Steak* 3-5 lbs
Short-Ribs 2-3 lbs
Ground Beef* 15-25 lbs
Stew Meat* 3-5 lbs
Soup Bones 2-4 lbs

Liver, heart and tongue are also available.

Quarter, half and whole orders require a $250 deposit when placed.

*Net weight will vary.


We are sold out of beef for 2024.

If you have any questions about future availability, give us a call. We’ll be happy to help you.

-Mike and Pam Mower, Owners

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We are currently SOLD OUT of beef for 2024. Thank you to our customers for supporting Flathead Farms!

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